Ariana and I hugging. Out of the two that I posted, this is my favorite. 10.28.2012 ♥
Last night, I met Ariana Grande for the first time ever. Her mother, Joan, knew it was me and when I said my name, she was like ‘OH OH CARE!!”. Then when I was up next to meet Ari, I was talking to her best friend Jenna and mentioned how I was FOTM and Jenna was like “What was your username?” and I said “DivineAriana” and she was like ‘NO WAY, YOU ARE DIVINEARIANA? OMG EVERYONE ITS DIVINEARIANA. ARIANA, LOOK ITS CARE!!” and Ariana looked up and was like “No way!!!”
Then I went up to Ari, and I was like “Hi!!” and she was like “Hey!” and gave me a hug and said it was really nice to meet me. We took a photo and I gave her another hug & she said she was so glad I came.

Couple hours later, she tweeted me this; “I am so happy I got to meet you! Thanks for coming, I hope you had fun” ♥

Anonymous said: Where in canada are you from?

British Columbia :] 


Kissy face, still adorbs. Aweh :]


Aweh, cutie :]

Breaks my heart seeing her cry..Even fake crying 


Their friendship, omg.


You know it’s true. ;)

Anonymous said: Congratulations on being FOTM, you totally deserve it! :)